All about the Whizzinator

Hearing the word whizzinator might bring about a different image to you. The truth is that there are different uses for this device. The most famous use is that of urine testing. It is mostly professionals and athletes that use urine tests a lot. There is also what is called a real Whizzinator Touch which resembles the real male organ. This is known to produce synthetic urine by just a simple pinch of its internal valve which is touch sensitive.

There are other great benefits of using the Whizzinator. For one it is discreet since it can be used inside the pants and no one will even notice it. It also comes with a waistband strap that secures it on one's waist. One other benefit of this device is that it enables for a quiet flow of the urine. It has a model that is suited for women and it is called the female whizzinator or simply the first aid kit. It doesn't protrude and it is comfortable to wear as well. When it's not being used, it can be fastened on the bra since it has a synthetic belt.

The whizzinator is made of high quality and durable materials that can withstand through time. It is designed to be used multiple times. You can help to maintain its cleanliness by using the Whizzinator cleaning solution which will help to make it fresh when you use it. What you need to do is to fill it with synthetic urine sample, attach the heating pads that come with the package, strap it on your waist, and it'll be ready to flow.

Another good thing in using the Whizzinator is that it won't require you to wait for a urine test to be conducted in any laboratory. All you have to do is to prepare your urine and put it inside the whizzinator where the temperatures won't be interfered in any way. It will be as if you have just urinated due to its temperature. Urine which just came out of the body is warm.

This device is also easy to use. You don't need anyone to help you in using it. All you have to do is to read the instructions given by the manufacturers in the package when you buy the whizzinator. If you are just as careful as you can be, you won't be having issues with the device at all.